What is the Strawberry Moon

The strawberrry moon is the peak of the entire year, The sun is shining, the berries are ripe for the picking and now is the time to call in joy with an open heart. It is a time you can wander in the wilderness on a warm night, stay up too late, breathe easy knowing that you can now enjoy what you’ve been working on for the past six months. We are not emerging at this time, we have fully arrived. Enjoy this delicious time and remember that summer has just begun. It is easy to throw caution to the wind but that will not serve you at this time. It is a joyous season to call in focus, temperance, moderation, and balance. The most important part of self care is boundaries-- knowing when you should let loose, when its time to call it a night, or the times to decline the invitation entirely. You must protect yourself from burnout, which requires leisure, and adventure! Be aware though, that working hard and then playing hard does not leave much room for rest in a balanced life. Take a few moments to honor your true purpose and remember to stay on top of your goals.  This time of year serves as a natural progress report. Think back over the past six months, what were your goals, what were you building towards? How have you pursued and dreams? The energy now is focus, stay the track-- or if you’ve fallen, these flowers nudge you to get back on the path. 

I am balanced and I receive joy and temperance with love.
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