Flower Power: How To Use Flowers Magically Every Day

Flower Power means something different than you might think. It seems that activist in the 60s sought to imbue the world with peace with their daisy chains and flower child vibes. I think they were on to something. They were tapping into roots spreading from hundreds, actually thousands, of years of study, practice, magic, and medicine in many cultures around the world. Because, as it turns out, flowers are good for your health. 

Flowers have the power to alter mood, health, and vibration. Ancient civilizations have used flowers to create medicinal treatments for rashes, coughs, and colds -- eucalyptus has been used for forever to cure congestion, calendula to create a salve for cuts and burns, carnations to make tea for easing anxiety, and chrysanthemum tea can clear a fever or cold. Not only have flowers been used as physical medicine, but their presence can alter the vibration of any space and bring your energies into balance. 

Flowers and plants in your home have positive psychological payback. Think of them as part of your mental health treatment program (yes this is real science). Did you know I studied social science and my thesis was a study on the economics of happiness? Out of 20 variables, health and wellness  was the variable that had the highest correlation with happiness!  And yes as a moody (and nerdy) 21-year-old, I was trying to find out statistically, how to get happy. I am seriously sad that I didn’t include flowers in my own research, but research has consistently linked indoor flowers with well-being. In fact, as you might imagine, patients who were brought flowers in the hospital needed less postoperative pain mediation, were less anxious and tired, and generally were in a more positive state than those without (Park and Mattson, 2008). And researchers at Wageningen University also found that those who dined with flowers at the table reported more positive moods. 

Different flowers are used for different intentions and energies. You can learn the specific uses over time with practice (we are also hosting a flower magic workshop on Saturday, June 29th where you can start your journey), but in case you cannot join us, here are a few tricks you can tell by tuning into the flower itself. And here is a flower guide cheat sheet for you!

 **Note, do not ingest any flower without researching for yourself!

  1. Color. Bright colors are activating or protective and soft colors are more calming.

  2. Nature. Where is this flower from? How does it act in nature? Does it have thorns? Is it drought resistant? All of these give clues to the energy of the plant itself. Is it perennial or annual? Drought resistant plants naturally have resilient and fortifying energy, and thorns have protective energy. Perennial flowers (like roses) have longevity energy, where as annuals (like marigolds) have seasonal (more short term) energy. Need a short boost for something immediate? I would go with an annual variety! 

  3. Shape.

    1. Bellflowers (like foxglove or callalilies)  tap into feminine, receiving energy (think of them like a chalice)

    2. Spear flowers (like larkspur and lavender) are good generally for warding and protection.

    3. Wheel-Shaped flowers (like roses, dahlias, daisies) are multifaceted and are pretty much panaceas in terms of the general vibration 

Here are 7 magical ways to use flowers in your everyday life to super-charge your vibrations. 

  1. Place fresh flowers in your space. 

This is the simplest way to bring new energy to any space. If you need an energy refresh and you don’t have it in you to do by yourself, bring in flowers to help! Your co-workers energy is creeping into your space but can’t burn sage in your office? Flowers to the rescue! 

1. Be gentle. Allow your flowers a cool place to reside, away from bright light. 

 2. Practice gratitude. Admire these beauties as often as you can, tell them you love them. 

 3. Take care. Each day, cut the stems 1/4' and refresh with clean water. If the stems cannot be trimmed, be sure to replenish the water daily. 

  1. Eat & Drink. What if we ate flowers every day? Do you think the world would be different? I love making lavender shortbread cookies and topping them with chamomile, dianthus, marigolds, rose petals, pansies, nasturtiums-- all the edible flowers. I have a specific edible flower garden just for this purpose (we have the seeds in the shop for you, come and get em). Also, afternoon tea! The options here are endless and we have some very special blends in the shop! 

  2. Wear. Of course I am talking flower crowns and also earrings! I also like to tuck a single stem behind my ear for the days I’m feeling a little less extra than normal and need a little boost. 

  3. Ritual. Cast circle with flowers and flower petals to surround you with their vibrations and enhance any ceremony, prayer or spell! This can be done with fresh flowers or with flowers that are beginning to wilt. 

  4. Preserve. Once your flowers begin to wilt, it is the perfect time to preserve them! Remove from water, tie with string and hang upside down in a dry, well circulated place for 2-3 weeks. 

  5. Bathe. I like to combine salt, coconut oil, and my favorite flower petals for a bath. Light a candle and intentions and you have yourself a self love ceremony! 

  6. Burn. Bundle up your flowers, tie with string, and hang to create a beautiful smudge. Or if your DIY skills aren’t at that level, pluck the petals and sprinkle over the top of a white candle, allow to dry and light it up for a super-charged meditation session. 

We would love for you to join us for our flower workshop! But if you cannot join us in the studio, you can get the flower cheat sheet and the intention setting guide by signing up for our newsletter! Also, join us Thursday evening at 5:30pm on instagram live @flowers.magic.meditation as we go over all this flower magic!