How Intention Setting Creates Magic in Your Life

Can I be Honest? When I first heard about intentions it brought me back in time when I was a bored little catholic school girl stuck in church reciting our intentions to god. Thinking "What does god want me to say? What does the priest want me to say? Jeez my knees are killing me on this pew I wonder if the teacher will notice that my butt is on the pew, so I can give my knees a break!" She noticed every time and told me to kneel back down (sadly I did the same thing when I was a catholic school teacher but story for another blog). Never did I think "What do I really want when setting an intention?" I never thought it was a deal between me and god. I thought it was suppose to be my promise to god .... but what about my promise to myself?

So what do intentions have to do with me and my witchy ways? Through self reflection (late at night when I randomly wake up from deep sleep) I have decided intentions are magic spells I make with myself and the universe. If I keep up my end of the bargain, then the universe will come through on its end of the deal. If I set the intention that I want to have more creativity brought into my life, then I better write out the steps (the magic spell) that it is going to take to have the universe help me find that creativity. Other factors can always cause road blocks but as long as you have faith, rework your magic and keep trying then it will happen.

(However there is something called unrealistic expectations so try to be realistic)

We are literally "one with the universe." If you are not going to bank on yourself why would the universe bank on you?

When I started setting Intentions I was completely clueless I had all these ideas for my son, my relationship, and my business. I would get lost in all the magic for them and still feel a slight sense of not having any magic left for me. Thats when I realized in order to fill everyone else's cup of magic I needed to fill mine as well. I needed to find intentions that were special to just me. So I then had more inner power to focus on the intention for my family and work.

Need some help organizing your Intentions? Well here is my process.

(I thought it was worth mentioning that journaling, intention-setting, and spell work are all best done in a space you’ve set up to be extra special. Whether this is an alter that you keep at all times, or if you setup a bit of a special space for yourself before sitting down to journal. To set up a space for intention-setting, you can light a candle, burn incense, smudge the area (with an open window), or some other ceremonial ritual that helps shift your vibration into magic mode.)

When I set out on figuring out my intentions I like to do a word/phrase dump. This allows me to get all my ideas and thoughts out. I usually do this after a meditation or reading/looking at inspirational work, so all my creative juices are flowing! I especially make sure to thank the universe for all the gifts she has provided to me and tell her how grateful I am. I then do my word dump. Following that I select which ones I feel I need to focus on, reflection helps this process, I then write the steps ( or magic spell) to achieve my intentions.

The spell will never work if you don't follow the steps and rework the steps when you hit road blocks. (The universe is always testing you to reflect to see if this is something you really want.)

Here is a most recent example of me setting my intention spells.

When I moved to Sonoma I really felt lost. My Flower Shop, which I highly identified myself with was all the way back in LA, fully functioning without me there. I felt useless. After a few months of moping around and running back to LA for work, I decided it was time to set an intention that I needed to find activities to do for myself in Nor Cal. Two big things were provided to me by the universe that made me feel like myself again. They may seem small to anyone else but they felt huge to me. I got a freelance position with a local florist and I got asked to come to callbacks at the community theatre. There were many road blocks in the way but I kept re looking at the situation and finding new steps to make the intention magic happen!

As I stated before I did my normal word/phrase dump of all the intentions and things I thought would be something I wanted to achieve. I then really reflected to see which ones my gut, heart and mind all thought were what I really needed. What popped out to me were the following two "I will freelance for a local florist in Nor Cal, to get my hands on flowers to feel like myself again" and "I am going to audition for a play at the local theatre company."

Find a journal that inspires you to write your intentions

My first intention seemed reasonable I mean my business is a flower company but why did the auditioning intention stick out so much? I literally have not been in a play since my husband proposed to me over 6 years ago! I had sworn off acting. But deep inside I really wanted to just audition for a play, just to read sides with fellow actors. I had always loved the adrenaline rush auditions gave me. It made me think that the universe put this thought in my head and knew what would make me feel the most like myself again. I slightly cursed and thanked the universe. OMG me auditioning again! That is crazy talk, but at the same time I knew in my gut that going on a audition would really make me feel like myself again. When I came to terms that these were my two intentions I began to make my magic spell with the universe (aka my steps :P )

Freelance position with a Local Florist

1) Look up local florist

2) Follow florist that inspire me on instagram

3) Strike up conversation on their posts

4) Introduce myself through DM or email and show my work and ask if they would consider a freelancer

Audition for a Local play

1) Research Local Theatres

2) Find out when Auditions Are

3) Prep for Audition

4) Go to Audition and have a blast

These were my steps/magic spell, easy enough I thought. Then the universe did a crazy thing, I did the first two steps for my freelance intention and as I was lazily going through my instagram stories, one of the florists I stalk In Nor Cal put up a story that she was looking for a freelancer, and it was on days I would not need to go back to LA!!! I responded so fast I barely remembered what I said. The universe literally knew this is what I needed and wanted to help me out. Then I realized it was on a Thursday & Friday.... I am a work at home mom in a new city with no one to watch my son, while my husband is at work. SHIT!!!! "OK Take a deep breath" I told myself, "I want this for me and the universe wants this for me, I can figure this out!" and I did! My husband and I worked as a team to find childcare for those days and I excitedly confirmed my freelance days with the florist. Those two days of freelancing reenergized my love for flowers and creating designs. It let me see I can be myself in a new environment. Also I got to meet some freaking amazing women who love flower designing just as much as me and also have the same anxieties as me when it comes to production day.

Now for the audition. I did step 1 and found a cute local theatre and signed up for the email alerts about auditions. A few days later I got an email to come audition for their whole season of plays. My excitement slowly died as I saw the auditions were the day before my busiest weekend for florals. Well of course I made excuses and took that as a sign that I wasn't suppose to audition. However, a few weeks later I got another email saying they were having a second round of auditions.... I read the date once again and once again it was on a day I would be designing a wedding in LA. I reflected. There is a reason I got this second email. So I emailed them back explaining how I could not come to the auditions but would love to send in a video or audition another time. I did not hear back and actually put it out of my head because I was frustrated with myself for not making an intention spell come to fruition (which is possible... do not get down on your self! Some things are just not meant to be) Right when the audition was completely out of my mind, It magically popped back in and I said in mid conversation with my husband "Dang, that theatre company never emailed me back". (I do this sometimes, its weird, makes me a little socially awkward). That night I checked my email, which I never do at night anymore because I found it to be a source of anxiety, and there was an email from the theatre company asking me to come to callbacks to read sides... On a day that I was in Nor Cal and have child care!!!!

I am beyond excited to have these two intentions finally come to fruition. They have given me a chance to rediscover myself other then mom and wife. I do love those two roles but sometimes I forget there is much more to me! Intentions help reignite the fire inside. They allow you to find aspects of you that you lost or didn't even know were there!

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Note: Keep you Intention Spells in a place you see every day so you keep working towards your intention. In a journal you always right in, on your mirror in the morning or on your cell phone alarms.