How Sisterhood Changed My Life


I am an introvert. I could spend days by myself and fill my time with art and books and poetry and flowers. I feel fully charged after days spent by myself. But I’ve learned that sisterhood is necessary. Connection and community bind me together with my ancestors and my descendants. Sisterhood lifts me up to levels I never imagined possible. To gather with sisters is sacred and often I am brought to tears of joy, belonging, comfort, and knowing after I’ve spent time with women who hold space for each other in support and love. I used to think that making time to connect was a luxury I couldn’t afford as a small business owner, commuting through Los Angeles— from Hollywood Hills to Downtown Los Angeles, to South Pasadena, I would often feel like I was barely making it through each day. Last summer I decided that instead of a few sick days hiding under the covers, I took a few days off work and headed to the desert for a women’s retreat. The effect was almost immediate. When I arrived, my energy shifted and my phone was pinging like crazy. Not only was I buzzing at a completely different frequency surrounded by women focused on elevating their lives, but my phone was altering me constantly that everything I had been working so hard on, almost forcing into existence, suddenly fell into place in my absence. I realized three life changing things on this trip.

  1. Let go. I’m a pusher. I try to hard constantly to get everything just right but when I surrender, everything falls into place. I have used this tool so many times since this trip. Put in the work and then surrender and take a step back…and POOF, like magic.

  2. Connection. After a meditation on the first morning, I had a vision of a circle of women so relaxed and filled with love.. There was simple and calm magic swirling everywhere and i knew it was the future. I knew that I needed to shift my energy to align with the divine feminine power and not only realize I’m stronger with the support of others, but also embrace the lifting up one another and the vibration this echos.

  3. Create. As women, we are creators. All of us— it is in our nature. Weather thats life itself, art, poetry, love, groups, a book club, a bouquet, jewelry, a budget for a new project…when all else fails, create. You will immediately begin to align with your truest nature.

This trip changed my life, altered my path from force to finesse. I learned effortlessly to surrender, connect, and create with ease. And it was the power of connection, the power of sisterhood that sparked this change.