How to Use the Black Moon Energy to Get What You Want

This month we have two new moons, July 2 and July 31-- giving us double the darkness and the nick name Black Moon. Call me mad, but I love new moons —probably more than full moons! The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and GIRL, I LOVE NEW PROJECTS.  The New Moon gives me inspiration, hope, ideas, seedlings to grow over the course of the month. It is the perfect time to set intentions. As the moon grows through each phase, until fullness, you can track your progress and continue to motivate yourself all the way until the full moon. We are hosting a New Moon Manifestation Workshop Tuesday, July 2nd— 6:30-8:30pm!

The New Moon offers us the energy of intention-- casting off negativity and bad habits-- asking us to grow and expand and change. Change is the only constant and if we fight this, we create stagnation in our lives which leads to decay. Now that you do NOT want. So let’s go with change and make it purposeful and serve our deepest desires for our lives under this enchanting Black Moon. Want to learn how to create your own moon ritual?

July energy is all about the outdoors, the warmth  of the sun and the needing to cooling down -- i.e. summer thunderstorms and pool parties! Associated with water energy (Cancer), you will feel the waves of levity and some moodier, deeper emotional vibes-- no wonder the moon is giving us two chances to change our ways this month.

Validating our water vibe moment, the flower of focus in July is Larkspur (or delphinium). It carries feminine energy and resonates with the planet Venus and water element, and  is bursting in the garden, blooming all shades of blue. Larkspur has been used throughout east and west in various protection spells-- bunches may be placed in a vase or hung near entrances of home or office to protect  those inside from unwanted intrusion or predation. It is toxic however, and should be kept away from animals. 

Lastly, July 20 is National Moon Day, as we celebrate the first man landing on the moon. I am a sci fi geek so I am super into this and also my witchy woman ways are telling me that this day is also for us to celebrate how close we can be to the moon-- we are able to touch it! Mark your calendars for July 20, we will be doing an instagram live about syncing up with the moon for ritual magic.